About me

Welcome to my blog. I am Lydia Argilli and I am a food stylist and recipe developer behind this blog.

Cooking is in my blood, my great-grandmother was the private cook of the Archbishop of Nitra and my grandmother and mother were also excellent cooks. Cooking and baking have been a great hobby of mine since childhood and I am very happy that my children also have a positive attitude towards traditional cooked food.

I like to host people at my house. My dishes have always resonated so well with our friends and acquaintances that I have often been offered to contribute food or my cakes to parties or events. I also shared my recipes very often, which gave me the idea to publish my recipes so that many people could benefit from them.

Why should you visit my blog?

There are as many blogs on the topic of cooking or baking as there are stars in the sky, yet this one is a bit different. Not only does it focus on traditional recipes but it also offers a number of basic recipes that can then be adapted in various forms to suit the state of the fridge and taste.

In addition, this blog is multilingual, besides Slovak you can find also English and German translations of most recipes. Also, this blog offers a large number of express recipes, which are ready in 15-20min. Ideal for those who don’t want to give up on hot cooked food even after work.

The recipes are mostly simple and manageable even alongside children or work. In doing so, I cook mainly according to traditional old recipes that were traditional in my family or in the families of my friends.

Baking is my heart’s affair. Nowadays, desserts or cakes should not be missing, especially at festive or Sunday lunches.

To make it easier for you to cook as described, I have also prepared several videos for the recipes. You can watch them on YouTube.

What is the meaning of the Blog-name ‘recepis’?

Recepis is an archaic word used in my grandmother’s time to name a recipe. I really liked the analogy of this word, as it is the old tried and tested recipes that always inspire me anew.

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