Najnovšie recepty

recept panna cotta cheesecake sladke ako urobit jednoduchy vyborny

No baked recipe- panna cotta cheesecakes

What do you get when you combine a mini cheesecake and panna cotta recipe? Well, these delicious mini-cakes.Are you a panna cotta lover too? Panna cotta doesn’t just have to be served traditionally in a bowl, in this case I was inspired to serve mini-cheesecakes. It’s a simple no-bake dessert […]

Bábovka z javorového sirupu (bez cukru)

Maple syrup cake (without sugar)

This golden, gorgeous cake is made completely without sugar, its only sweetener is natural maple syrup. This gives it not only a beautiful colour but also a pleasant aroma and taste. An excellent cake recipe that any beginner can handle. Ingredients: 5 eggs 200ml maple syrup 150ml orange juice 100ml […]

Cinnamon rolls with icing

Would you like to have fragrant cinnamon rolls for breakfast, just like from the bakery? You don’t have to set your alarm 2 hours earlier to do that. You can make these rolls in a few minutes in the evening, let them rise slowly in the fridge overnight, and then […]

Bezmasity borsc polievka vegan

Vegan borscht soup

This soup is also great as a substitute for the main dish. It’s full of flavour and different consistencies as well as lots of vegetables. An excellent dish for cold winter days. Preparing: 1/4 white cabbage 1/2 celery 2 carrots 2-3 tomatoes 1 bell pepper 3 potatoes 1 red pepper […]

avokado recept na sladko Zdravy dezert rychly vyborny cokoladova pena z avokada

Delicious dessert- 5 minute chocolate avocado mousse

For this treat you need 5 ingredients, 1 immersion blender and about 5 minutes of preparation. It’s also an exceptionally healthy dessert, no need to have any qualms about eating it. An excellent recipe in under 15 minutes. Ingredients: 3-4 ripe (soft) avocados 3 ripe bananas 2-3 tbsp sweetener (e.g. […]

Quick apple tartlets

Super simple dessert. The buttery dough is without yeast or baking powder and tastes like butter biscuits. The apple filling with cinnamon flavour just melts on the tongue. Easy baking recipe. Ingredients dough: 125ml water 125g room temperature vegetable fat (e.g. coconut) 350g plain flour 30g caster sugar pinch of […]

pecene zemiaky v rure perfektne jednoduche chrumkave

Crispy baked oven potatoes

These potatoes are a great meatless dish. Soft on the inside, beautifully crispy on the outside and full of garlic and thyme aromas. They taste great with dip or fresh salad. Ingredients: 1,5kg smaller potatoes 1 tbsp dried garlic 1 tbsp whole cumin seeds 1 tsp salt 1 tsp paprika […]

pecene zemiaky v rure perfektne chrumkave jednoduchy recept

Great side dish -crunchy roasted vegetables

This vegetable is ready in a few minutes. To cook the vegetables sufficiently during the short roasting time, you only need to follow these rules. The vegetables should be sliced relatively thinly to allow the heat to penetrate quickly. Also, the vegetables that are roasted together should have roughly the […]

Zdravý kokosový dezert len zo 4 prísad

Healthy coconut dessert with only 4 ingredients

You can prepare this healthy snack in less than 5 minutes and you will be surprised by its great taste. Also a great dessert for an unexpected visitor. Agave syrup is a great sweetener to have at home. Like maple syrup, it is very versatile. I like to use it […]

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Welcome to my blog. I am Lydia Argilli and I am a food stylist and recipe developer behind this blog. Cooking is in my blood, my great-grandmother was the private cook of the Archbishop of Nitra and my grandmother and mother were also excellent cooks. Cooking and baking have been […]