Najnovšie recepty

Delicious coconut cake with sour cream

If you like coconut, you’ll love these cuts. They are beautifully soft and the top filling creates a great contrast to the sweet sponge cake with its slight acidity. I made mine in a smaller baking dish (20*30) if you want to make a large baking dish, make double the […]

Healthy strawberry popsicle made from homemade strawberries

There are still enough strawberries to be found in the garden to make these extremely tasty and refreshing popsicles, modelled on the Misha popsicle. Strawberry pulp with a layer of dark chocolate on top, it’s hard to resist. To prepare, you need popsicle containers, either plastic or silicone. If you […]

Healing lavender syrup without cooking

This year I managed to visit the French lavender fields. Apart from being enchanted by their beauty and the aroma that spread through them, we also visited a private lavender processing factory, both by drying but also by producing essential oils. The owner was very talkative and told us not […]

Baked tiramissu cake

My take on this Italian classic doesn’t do without baking this time. What remains, however, is the great combination of the flavours of mascarpone cream, coffee and cocoa in this extremely delicious tiramissu cake. The baked base is especially appreciated when slicing, which is extremely simple and easy to serve […]

Fantastic carrot cake with walnuts

A simple juicy dessert with only 3 eggs. Ingredients dough 3 larger eggs 100g sugar 150g flour 150g walnuts 100g finely grated carrots 2 tsp gingerbread spice 1/2 packet baking powder Other Ingredients: 150g soft creamy cheese (Mascarpone) 200ml whipped cream 1 vanilla sugar 1 packet of whipped cream thicken […]

Banánová roláda, klasický dezert

Banana roll, a classic dessert

This classic dessert was prepared by my mother-in-law when she had a visitor. I must admit that I always enjoyed this roulade very much. Since I know how quickly it can be made at home, and really only that with a few ingredients, it has found its way into my […]

Chrumkavé kuracie kúsky z trúby

Crispy chicken pieces from the oven

Do you also like chicken coated in a crispy crust? Then try these crispy chicken trumpet bites. With this recipe, you dispense with the roasting or tri-coating. The preparation is really extremely easy and the trumpet does the rest of the work. Ingredients: 1kg of chicken (for example, thighs or […]

Ako pripraviť karamel- základný recept

How to prepare caramel- basic recipe

Do you like caramel but are afraid to make it at home? Or have you already tried to prepare caramel and failed? I also needed time until I mastered some basic techniques to learn how to prepare caramel. In fact, when a few rules are followed, making caramel, whether as […]

Parené buchty ako od babky

Traditional steamed buns “Germknödel”

Do you know steamed buns or as they are called in Germany “Germknödel”? These fluffy sourdough buns are filled with jam and then steamed. Afterwards they are served slathered with butter and sprinkled with cocoa, poppy seeds or nuts. A great traditional food. Ingredients: 500g flour 20g fresh yeast 1tsp […]

jablkové pyré jablková detská výživa základny vegan recept

Apple puree

Apple puree has been one of my children’s favorite desserts since they were little. We first started with baby food during coughing time and smoothly transitioned to puree when the kids were bigger. The main difference was that I didn’t add any sugar to the baby food, I only started […]