Healing lavender syrup without cooking

This year I managed to visit the French lavender fields. Apart from being enchanted by their beauty and the aroma that spread through them, we also visited a private lavender processing factory, both by drying but also by producing essential oils.

The owner was very talkative and told us not only about the different types of lavender and how they are processed, but also about the beneficial effects of lavender, especially the true lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). In addition to its soothing effects, this lavender also has a positive effect on healing wounds, treating various skin diseases and is also said to be effective in treating headaches.

Apart from these known abilities of lavender, it is also said to have a positive effect on the treatment of inflammatory diseases, pressure problems as well as in the treatment of depression and insomnia. That’s why I had the idea to make a syrup out of it, following the model of the syrup I make from spruce shoots in early spring. This is not boiled, but just layered and leached.

And so the recipe for lavender syrup without boiling was created. As mentioned above, I recommend using medicinal lavender, preferably from your own garden (hence no sprays).


  • a bunch of lavender
  • 250g sugar


  • Prepare a resealable glass bottle (e.g. a squeeze bottle with a lid)
  • Remove the flowers from the lavender and also remove any dirt.
  • Then layer the lavender and sugar in the jar – first spoon in the florets, then sprinkle with sugar and put the florets back in.
  • Layer until the jar is full.
  • Close the jar with a lid and place in a sunny place (preferably a window).
  • Leave to rest and infuse for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Then strain the resulting juice/syrup (through a sieve or cheesecloth).
  • Pour the syrup into a sealable glass container and store in a cool dark place (e.g. in the fridge).

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