Najnovšie recepty

ako pripravit zvysky zemiakov recept zo zemiakov bezmasite gnocchi noki

Fluffy potato gnocchi

Making potato gnocchi at home is worth it, they have nothing in common with those dry and often hard semi-finished products, which I’m sure all of us have tried. These are fluffy and soft as cotton wool inside and literally melt on the tongue. Also a good recipe to make […]

nepeceny dezert tekvica puding zdravy recept pre deti

Pumpkin cream- healthy dessert

This cream proves once again how diverse pumpkin can be. Excellent also as a sweet dessert. This time I took my husband and his 3 friends who were visiting us as taste testers, and they definitely wouldn’t intentionally want a “healthy” dessert, so I didn’t tell them what they were […]

ako pripravit zemiaky kalerab recept bezmasite polievka co zo zemiaku recepty na obed

Kohlrabi soup with grits

Grits are rich in fiber, I like to use them to thicken soups. Ingredients: 1 large kohlrabi 1 kitchen onion 3 potatoes 1 tbsp flour 2 tbsp grits 1,5 l water/broth 100 ml cream (vegetable) Salt, black pepper, cumin Parsley Preparing: Peel and dice the kohlrabi. Chop the onion finely. […]

ako pripravit recepty na obed kuracie maso recepty z kuracieho masa najlepsie recepty kuracie maso

Chicken curry with pumpkin

This dish warms and satiates beautifully. In addition, it is easy to prepare, an excellent dish for a quick lunch or dinner. Rice is suitable as a side dish Ingredients: 250 g chicken breasts 200 g pumpkin 1 onion 1 garlic clove 1-2 teaspoons red curry paste (be careful, it […]

ako upiect kysnute cesto tuniak recepty na pecenie slane

Tuna sourdough knots

A tasty sourdough recipe, also suitable for serving to a visitor or for a cold snack. The amount of dough shown will make 2 braids or 8 knots. Those who wish can also use minced beef instead of tuna, which should be browned briefly in a frying pan before spreading […]

ako upiect kakaova rolada karamel arasidy karamelova plnka ktora netecie

Snickers roll with salted caramel

Excellent recipe for lovers of salted caramel. It becomes salty thanks to the salted peanuts, which also add a lovely crunchy taste to the filling. For the dough you need: 4 small eggs 80g granulated sugar 40g cocoa 60g sifted plain flour A pinch of baking powder For the filling […]

ako uvarit polievka bezmasite cervena sosovica co na obed

Turkish red lentil soup

A delicious rich soup, which is usually served with bread and a slice of lemon as a main dish. Ingredients: 1 cup (200ml) red lentils 1 large kitchen onion 2 carrots 1/4 celery 1/2 leek 2 potatoes 1,5 tbsp dried mint 1 tsp dried chilli Juice of 1/2 lemon Salt, […]

hranolky recept sladky zemiak vegan recept na pecenie zdravy recept bezmasite

Sweet potato baked fries

This slightly sweet version of the potato tastes especially good to children thanks to its sweet taste. Whether in the form of porridge, soups or these crispy chips. You don’t need a deep fryer for these fries, the oven does all the work. They are also delicious on their own, […]

hrncekovy recept bez vazenia recept na pecenie co z banana banananovy chlieb bez vajicka vegan

Vegan aromatic banana bread (without egg)

This banana bread is so simple and tastes great, nice and fluffy. All you need is a few ripe bananas and a few ingredients that you probably have at home and you can enjoy this goodness. You don’t have to weigh it either, it’s a mug recipe. All you need […]

bezmasite sampinony vegan recept na varenie priloha

Roasted mushrooms

Ever since I tried mushrooms prepared this way years ago, I’ve never wanted it any other way. These have nothing to do with the overcooked and rubbery mushrooms that many times we find in a dish. They are juicy, full of flavor and have a good consistency. Ingredients: 1 packet […]