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Quick apple tartlets

Posted in : baking, cake & cookies, vegan on by : lydia.argilli

Super simple dessert. The buttery dough is without yeast or baking powder and tastes like butter biscuits. The apple filling with cinnamon flavour just melts on the tongue. Easy baking recipe. Ingredients dough: 125ml water 125g room temperature vegetable fat (e.g. coconut) 350g plain flour 30g caster sugar pinch of salt Ingredients filling: 5-6 apples
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Pumpkin cream- healthy dessert

Posted in : baking, desserts on by : lydia.argilli

This cream proves once again how diverse pumpkin can be. Excellent also as a sweet dessert. This time I took my husband and his 3 friends who were visiting us as taste testers, and they definitely wouldn’t intentionally want a “healthy” dessert, so I didn’t tell them what they were eating. And wonder of wonders,
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Tuna sourdough knots

Posted in : baking, salty on by : lydia.argilli

A tasty sourdough recipe, also suitable for serving to a visitor or for a cold snack. The amount of dough shown will make 2 braids or 8 knots. Those who wish can also use minced beef instead of tuna, which should be browned briefly in a frying pan before spreading over the pastry. Ingredients for
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